Digital recruiting trends for employment firms continue to develop and evolve as we move deeper into what technology has to offer us. Staffing and employment solutions companies are increasingly using digital marketing for a variety of benefits, including finding new clients and bringing in the best talent for their open jobs.

Keep an Eye on These HOT Digital Recruiting Movements

The experts at Standby Talent bring you the top 2015 recruiting trends, so you know how to plan your marketing and recruitment efforts!

#1 The Cloud is Becoming Very Popular

One of the biggest digital marketing trends for 2015 is that of the cloud. More and more companies are moving towards using the cloud for many of their business practices. This allows employees the opportunity to share data immediately and to store documents without the worry that they will be lost when a computer crashes or is stolen.digital_recruiting_trends_2015

#2 Online Communities are Vital

Companies realize that customers are their driving force. One way to utilize the customer is to create online communities where the social engine can be driven. Companies can use communities as a discussion forum to figure out what the customers want in terms of content, which then helps drive purchases of products.

#3 Emergence of the Chief Digital Officer

Who would have thought 20, or even 10, years ago that companies would be employing the use of a Chief Digital Officer? As more companies begin to put a larger emphasis on digital content, the rise of the CDO will become stronger.

#4 Inbound Content Should Receive Strong Focus

Companies need to put a strong focus on inbound content if they want to succeed in 2015. Earned content is one of the best ways for a company to succeed in the digital world these days. This includes organic search content, industry blogs and other content.

#5 A Larger Shift to Mobile Content

Companies are moving more towards mobile content as technology continues to develop. This means that if your company is not going mobile, then it will not succeed. For the first time in history, smartphones outsold regular mobile phones in 2013. Companies can risk becoming obsolete if they ignore the move to mobile content.

#6 Video Recruitment Practices

In 2015, companies will be using video recruitment practices to help bring in new clients and new employees. Video recruiting is when a company uses a video to show potential employees the passion that is evident at the company and what it would be like to work for that company.

#7 Digital Recruitment Practices

Another major digital trend for 2015 is that of digital recruitment practices. Digital recruitment occurs when a company uses social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to bring in the very best talent within the industry for their open jobs.

#8 Engagement on Social Media

Companies have become better at using social media to connect with customers and build a community of followers in an effort to increase their brand awareness. Companies must measure their social media impact if they want to be successful in the digital world in 2015.

#9 Automate Marketing Practices

Businesses have also started to automate their marketing practices. This means that they analyze the best times to post content to their blog and social media sites and then schedule their posts in an effort to have as many views as possible.

#10 Mobile Data Integration

Mobile data will be able to unite online and offline marketing in the near future. This means that you will no longer have to remember info heard on an advertisement and then search for it at a later time. Instead, mobile data will be able to log that info in your device for later use.

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