The hiring process is long and fraught with many perils. It is costly, and finding the candidate who is not only right for the job today but also right for the job in 6 months can be a real challenge.

With so many highly qualified workers available, the competition can also be fierce and in some industries, companies have to fight tooth and nail to hire the candidate they want. Many of the problem areas in attracting and maintaining employees happen during the process of hiring a prospective employee. The hiring process requires time and collaboration, but today’s market does not stop and wait.

Recently, video calling has also infiltrated the hiring process, and it has changed the way recruiters hire new employees. In a recent survey by Office Team, 63 percent of the top 500 companies are already using online video services for conducting interviews. Here are the top three ways that video interviewing has revolutionized hiring:

Meet Qualified & Talented Prospective Employees…Faster

In today’s market, the top industry talent is often extremely busy. Whether they are busy with travel, back-to-back meetings or working on an outside project, it can be hard to reach today’s dynamic and talented workforce. A video interview requires nothing but a camera and an Internet connection- two things that most peopl

Video-Interviewe now carry in their pockets. Employers who embrace video technology are meeting top talent faster because there is no negotiation required to get them into the office. Meeting talent faster can take a significant amount of time off of the 45-day average that it usually takes to fill an open position.

Lower Travel Costs

You can travel the entire world from your Internet connected computer. Utilizing technologies like video interviewing can mean that it is no longer necessary for you or potential hires to travel to meet for an interview, and this translates into lower travel costs. A lower travel budget is better for everyone, too. In fact, a recent survey by Aberdeen Group shows that 72 percent of managers who use video interviews do so because of the reduction in travel costs. Money spent on travel can easily be misplaced because of a missed, canceled or delayed flight. The costs of travel are not only financial, either. Traveling can be stressful and a rough travel day may mean that you do not even see the best side of a candidate who has been brought in from further afield for the job.

Without the hindrance of travel costs, big and small companies can now afford to see more international talent. More and more of the top talent in IT, economics and management is coming from other countries throughout the world. Being able to coordinate interviews without transcontinental flights, jet lag and the costs associated with international travel means that companies can look not only for the best talent but emerging talent, as well.

Video Interviews Allow a Multimedia Experience

Video calling software has many features that are useful for the hiring process. You can give presentations, view portfolios and take part in a more interactive discussion. This kind of interactivity can even allow you to begin to get to know the candidate better. An interactive process is more fun for everyone involved, and it may even impact your hiring decision.

Poor hiring processes cost businesses huge amounts of money every year on time, effort, travel and a decrease in productivity. Using the video interviewing technique helps to alleviate almost all of these issues in the hiring process. There are so many benefits to video interviews that it will not be long before virtually all companies big and small join the video interview revolution.

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