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Exclusively through our partnership with CareerOyster

StandBy Talent is proud to offer comprehensive job search coaching services to job seekers who want to use the latest “best practices” available in their job search. As a staffing firm we work with hundreds of job seekers every year and realized the skills needed to conduct an effective and efficient job search are not always commonplace among job seekers.

To address this deficiency we decided to partner with the best job search and career coaching provider we could find in the marketplace to make these skills more readily available to the candidates we work with and others. Our search led us to CareerOyster.

What is CareerOyster?

CareerOyster provides career and job search coaching to help executives and professionals more effectively manage their careers throughout their working lives. Services include resume help, interviewing help, job leads and customized career coaching.

CareerOyster was founded by Howard Cattie. Howard has more than 30 years of experience in Career Coaching, Recruiting, Sales and Sales Management. While he was a hiring manager for most of that time, his real passion has always been helping individuals identify their longer-term goals and positioning themselves to get there.  He has extensive experience in coaching job-seekers and recruiters in effective career planning, resume writing, interview coaching and negotiation strategies.


What kinds of services does CareerOyster offer?


CareerOyster offers a wide range of services for job seekers that have been refined over 30 years and continuously updated for today’s highly competitive job market.

Services include:

ResumeCoach – Individual coaching + eLearning videos
Goals Coach – Career Assessment Option – Marketability Coach – Skills inventory;
5 hours of eLearning video – Assembling the “Forward Looking Resume™” – Message Coach – Marketing Sheet – Letters Coach

InterviewCoach – Individual Coaching + eLearning videos + Unlimited video practice
Individual coaching time for strategy, feedback and mock interview – 5+ hours of video – Unlimited, online interview practice –Sample preparation scripts and interviews – Master the different types of interviews:   phone, face-to-face, behavioral, panel, exploratory and executive – Videos Samples

NetworkingCoach – Individual Coaching + eLearning videos

Job Networking Strategy – How to execute effective Networking Meetings – Online Networking Practice with samples – Research Coach – 100 Target company lists with contact names, emails and phone numbers, Recruiters and Boards – LinkedIn Coach – Videos Campaign Coach – Automatic Job Application Filler – Daily motivational emails –24/7 Hotline Support – Offer Coaching