Every job requires a different set of skills, and no one recognizes these differences better than recruiters. Recruiters can understand the skills and requirements demanded by many different fields of work. There are so many details involved in recruiting that modern recruiters are required to be agile and versatile in their aptitude for understanding. This is not only the case in the recruiting process, but also in the industry they are recruiting for itself. Like many jobs, recruiting takes an amalgamation of skills and resources. However, there are five qualities of a modern recruiter that stand out every time.

1 Resourcefulness

Being able to make full use of all of the recruiting tools available today is one of the most important qualities of a modern recruiter. Using online resources, such as social media, is worth far more than simplifying the recruiting process or saving time on the phone. Many of the best and most suitable workers can now be found on and recruited from social media networks. Recruiters who go where the talent is are bound to succeed. Recruiters who can source a needle from the haystack will be exceptional.

2 Ability to Prioritize

The problem with many job advertisements is that an employer does not even know what they want from a candidate. Instead of writing a realistic and compelling job posting, they write a general and non-committal description of an unrealistic candidate. Modern recruiters know how to tease out the must-have qualities of potential job candidates and can articulate them in a way that attracts those people. Recruiters who can prioritize the must-haves over the wouldn’t-it-be-nice-qualities can recruit the right candidate the first time around. Without understanding the real job requirements, the recruiting process cannot even begin.

3 Strong Communicators

Great recruiters are strong communicators. Communication key is every area, and recruiters have to have skills in both talking and listening. From writing job posts to conducting interviews, there are few steps in the process that do not include communication between candidates and recruiters or recruiters and clients.

4 Empowered Activity

Being able to create a spreadsheet full of potential candidates for a position means nothing if none of these candidates are the right person for the job. Successful modern recruiters strive to be the best in their field and are always active. They do not rest until they have found the top three or four candidates for a position. Remember, high activity levels do not always mean that real work is being done. These activities must follow a sense of opportune timing and be combined with the patience required to only strike when the time is right. Without the ability to be strategically active, recruiters will watch fantastic candidates slip through their fingers.

5 Preparation

Recruiters must engage in preparing candidates for potential new roles. Recruiters who can find the diamond in the rough have a unique opportunity to polish that diamond until it shines. Recruiters are also in a unique position because they have intimate knowledge of hiring practices. Recruiters who are able to motivate and prepare their candidates help both their candidates and themselves.

Recruiting has changed dramatically over the years. With electronic information systems and new tools to seek out candidates on their own terms, recruiting has become fast paced and highly personalized. These top five qualities demonstrate the way that the recruiting industry has changed and how it has remained the same. Clear communication and hard work remain at the top of the pillar, but now they are joined by tools to make the job more exciting.

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